TMJ Treatments in Dental Bright

Do you experience unexplained headaches or pain in your ears, neck, shoulder, jaw, or face? TMJ Disorder may be the cause. In most cases, TMJ disorder can be managed with a quick, easy, non-surgical treatment.

What exactly is TMJ? The TMJs, or the Temporomandibular Joints, are located on either side of your face in front of your ears. Each TMJ has a small disc which allows smooth movement of the jaw when functioning and protection during compression. Disc disorders can be a cause of bite changes, annoying noises, or locking jaws. When the chewing muscles and jaw joints do not function properly together, it sometimes leads to moderate or severe pain and headaches. TMJs can be linked to many causes including trauma, poor posture, teeth grinding, arthritis in the joint, or clenching brought on by stress.
Most treatments for TMJ disorders are easy and non-invasive, including custom-fit splints (night guard), pain medications, and stretching & motion exercises to improve strength and flexibility. In some cases, steroid injections or surgery may be recommended. Dr. Filali and his team will determine which treatment method is best for your needs.