Teeth Bonding & Chipped Tooth Repair

Bonding can be the most affordable and quickest method to achieve the cosmetic aesthetic you desire for your smile! Tooth bonding is a process of building and polishing of composite resin to the tooth to create the desired shape. This procedure is most commonly used for patients with discoloration, chips, or even to fill in spaces or gaps between teeth. Bonding not only improves the cosmetic details of teeth like shape and color, but also increases the strength of the tooth. Tooth bonding can additionally be used to protect areas of exposed root caused by a receding gum line.

The procedure itself offers little to no discomfort. The produce begins by selecting the shade of composite to match your tooth color most closely. The surface of the tooth is then slightly etched to roughen it slightly. The tooth is then coated with a conditioning liquid, which allows for the resin to bond to the tooth. The material is then hardened with an ultra-violet curing light. After the bond has adhered completely, Dr. Filali will then shape and polish the tooth to create a natural appearance. Bonds last approximately 7-10 years, providing a long-lasting fix to problem teeth.
Tooth bonding fast, easy, cost-effective, and an excellent, durable solution to promote oral health.