Affordable Dentures

Self-conscious about your smile? Are you experiencing difficulties with speech or eating due to missing teeth? Dentures are the perfect way to rediscover beauty and confidence for those who have lost their natural teeth.

Dr. Filali uses the “All in 4” technique which is a method commonly used when all teeth are missing or in a condition in which they must be replaced. This process uses the benefits of a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants for the best, long-term solution.
Dentures allow for a permanent solution for those patients who have lost teeth. It is now possible to replace an entire jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge, allowing the patient’s implants to serve as natural teeth. This solid, stable treatment method also helps preserve facial appearance and prevents bone loss.

Dentures can be a life-changing solution for those missing their natural teeth, by restoring their smile, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.